Day trip to where art exists in parallel with nature

The warm and humid weather was perfect for the destination of the kplus konzept team excursion: the Museum Island Hombroich, only 20 km away from our Düsseldorf office and yet immersed in a completely different world. Here, art exists in parallel with nature, which now in June presented itself in tropical-lush richness and captured our attention. After the joint lunch time in the museum cafeteria, a walk-in sculpture as all ten buildings on the island, we discovered the most important parts of the 21-acre conservation area and the exhibition buildings under the knowledgeable and sympathetic accompaniment of an artist. By individual passion and “the interest in apparently divergent positions” a collection was created on the Island with well-known representatives of European Modernism and archaeological objects of different cultures from the early to modern eras. The visit was for us really great experience! Absolutely recommendable and a big thank you to our bosses for this inspiring company excursion, which we ended – though very urban –  over a cool beer in the Paris Bar of the new 25hours Hotel in Düsseldorf.