The Power to Create

The individual, private setting offers room for inspiration, concentration and movement, and reflects the affable relationship between all team members including management.


The Power to Create: That not only unfurls in the Brain Pool, but also in the communal areas: the spacious lounge with library, the giant sofa, the kitchen with its large communal table, and a seat hammock hanging from a crane, a relic from a previous tenant. The walls and washrooms are decorated with photo and mood-board galleries, and the DJ desk is manned by two colleagues as  the after-work phase approaches… The entire team values the family style atmosphere of our two-story building and the friendly relationship between management and employees. A cool, big hearted and wide ranging ‘commune’ atmosphere!

An inspirational setting is not only the alpha and the omega for the creativity and well-being of our employees, but also a business card for our customers who visit us in our period house located in an internal yard in Düsseldorf-Oberbilk. This is where design concepts enter into the world, from Philipp Plein in New York, the Höfen am Brühl in Leipzig, and on to the Minto in Mönchengladbach. We have put a lot of love into every detail to create an inspirational  environment. The whole team contributed with their own ideas, whether it’s a control system, DJ booth, neon font, cowhide, specially designed grid rugs, recipe wallpaper, or shelves and furniture systems. Our studio creates a high degree of identity and transmits our corporate design in black, green, pink and white.

360° Panorama Tour (Google Business View)

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