Restaurant Design – We eat with our eyes

Salt & Pepper

The primal ingredients in the kitchen, salt and pepper, define the creative theme for the restaurant „Salt & Pepper“. Black and white on bright maritime pine, with a pinch of saffron in graphics, displays, lamps and walls, are the hot mixture of this interior. Kitchen motifs from the kitchen for as a symbol collage in black and yellow, the wall on the first floor. Salt White pepper and black are the colors of the lamps, which grow like stalactites from the ceiling in the room. Fresh green – in reminiscence of the pepper plant – ed tables and output stations, bringing the scent of fresh herbs into the restaurant and also serves the seasoning of food directly on the table.

Food Port

Like a Street Food market the restaurant „Food Port“ presents itself with its sea container counters stringed together. Stamp-like graphics show the different food offerings, telling at the same time the story of the restaurant’s founders. Travelling around the world, they made exciting culinary discoveries and decided to freight their favourite dishes from all over the world in the containers to their hometown in the restaurant. The wooden wall in the stairwell accompanies the raw look of the cargo containers, on top a wall-mounted jib crane.

Coffee beans & more

A coffee roaster makes a live experience for his customers of all its expertise and shows in his location from the production to sales and consumption on site the whole production process: In the „Röstgarage“ (roasting garage) you can watch the artisanal process of roasting, in the dining room coffee then enjoy the fresh produce – and purchase it for completion. In the harmonious colour shades from green to brown, consistently up to the ceiling, equal to the conversion of a real coffee bean, appears the manufacturer’s interior design.

  • Datum: 3. August 2016