We focus on people – make yourself at home!

We focus on people – this is not only the claim of the health care supply store, but also the leitmotiv for our interior design.

Treat physical restraints as quickly as possible and best in a domestic atmosphere – that is what everyone wishes. And so we developed a store design that welcomes the customer in this specialist shop just like at home – and not in a clinical atmosphere.

Warm colors and materials, cozy lighting and furniture like at home, fresh eye-catchers like the bright green window in the seating area with courtyard character: best conditions for a relaxed shopping!

The shelf rack of the living room gave us inspiration for the presentation of the goods. Fitted with blue moulding like a picture frame,  it allows a generous and due  product staging throughout the store – just like the wooden pedestals with the flagship products. And in the cosy light of the hanging lamps, comfortably sitting down at the wooden table on fabric-covered stools, the consultation about the important therapeutic questions is becoming much more relaxed.

Everything to measure

Whether an orthosis or support stocking – they must be precision fit, which is why the modern, service-oriented health care supply store offers 3D foot and body scanners. The delicate craftsmanship reflect expressively our specially designed graphics, which decorate the walls in salon suspension and create a feeling quite like at home. By the way, we did not hide the high-tech equipment but integrated it in a transparent way into the design, the foot scanner section as well as the 3D leg measurement room, which illuminates LED and is even visible from the street.

  • Datum: 13. April 2017
  • Leistung: Store Design
  • Kunde: Sanitätshaus Mitschke