Minto Multi-sensory Showroom for a successful Center Management

Successful rental-conversations and a unique shopping center require a special frame. The Showroom in the mfi project building right across the mall, picks up on the creative highlights of the Minto. The focus lies on the models of the multi-sensory “Highlight Facades“, which are the mall’s atmospheric elements as well as attraction for the adjacent shops. The models were also equipped with original materials, including sound- and scentdesign.

An elaborate video animation with an accompanying scent production shows the details of the interior views of the Minto, told as a love story  – you can also take a seat in the armchairs of the former theatre. The community table of the “board stories“ series promotes creativity as you make scribbles and join discussions. There are collages displaying the materials of the entire interior architecture. The information boards in the entrance area of the Showroom Mönchengladbach, the design of which matches the outer facade, dynamically explain the overall architectural concept.

Citizens who are interested in the Minto can visualise the future experience-area here. The aim is to give visitors to the showroom not just visual impressions but also a feel for the planned quarter which will soon invite people to linger and come back to.

The concept was developed in cooperation with the Interior Design Department of mfi management für Immobilien AG.

  • Date: 14. October 2013
  • Skills: Showroom Design