Minto’s Food Court: Breakfast in the conservatory!

Designs for all the Senses – this claim was also pursued in the development of the Minto Food Court concept, evolved in cooperation with the Interior Design Department of Unibail-Rodamco Germany according to the UR 4* concept, the motto of the shopping mall, “Feel at Home”, giving the perfect setting for a completely new way of dining.

The individually customised “Rooms” of the Minto Food Court are communal dining areas for eleven different restaurateurs. Here guests can choose the setting in which they wish to eat according to their mood: quickly in the kitchen, in the loungey atmosphere of the living room, the quietness of the library, the airy ambience of the conservatory or as a family in the children’s corner. As organic shaped islands, the individual areas are completely dedicated to the topics of naturalness, comfort and authenticity. The half-height curved railing separates them from each other on the one hand, but are on the other hand open enough to preserve the character of a communal experience space.

Living Room

The material and floor coverings in discrete shades of grey and highlighted in pink, create a modern feeling inviting relaxation in the Minto. The centre points are the long sofas and tables with various characteristic facades. With their diverse surfaces and structures, the cushion covers and floor tiles also create a range of haptic and visual effects. A surprising eye-catcher are the ceiling lamps, which are hanging-upside-down floor lamps. A subtle background is provided by ornamentally patterned architectural wallpaper.


In warm brown and green tones, the library of the Minto invites to dine and browse. Quality oak herringbone parquet and stools in tobacco-tones create a typical cosy atmosphere for the reading area. Complemented by design intonations in the table surfaces such as book spines and text passages. And on the ceiling, book covers act as lampshades.


In the cosy kitchen the elongated orange sofa with its red-and-white chequered surroundings – blinds and tables – attracts attention. Along with colourful Eames chairs and the timeless Frankfurter seats created here is the typical snug kitchen meeting point. Lamps made from egg-whisks belong to the innovative accessories, plaid floor tiles and shelving racks made of black steel and oak complement the look.


The conservatory in its blues and greens creates a light, airy atmosphere, and even the graphic leaf patterns on the ornamental cover reflect the theme of nature in a fresh manner. The herbs pots represented on the wallpaper blackboards on the columns and standing on the six community tables, bring nature into the room and have a culinary benefit, too. Cruise counters give this room a perfect frame. This, in combination with the furnishing – wooden chairs in Scandinavian design and stylish, recyclable barstools – creates the perfect ambience for a fresh salad!

The Salad Bar

The salad bar in the centre of the Foodcourt is the only free-standing counter. The freshness concept is completely reflected in the materials: Wood in combination with green mosaic and fruit-designs within the ornamental cover. The bar stools Mavi match the wood of the counter.

Inviting, outstanding interior design for the gastronomy!

  • Date: 2. April 2015
  • Skills: Food Court Design
  • Client: Minto, Unibail-Rodamco