Accommodated in the titanium complex of the Fashion Mall Munich, the Esprit showroom welcomes its customers with a wall made from layered, matte red wood and grey felt benches as a reference to its location in the south of Germany.

The subsequent more than 30-metre long catwalk is a visual highlight that serves both as a signpost that guides visitors through the space and as a partitioning. It is framed by moveable panelling on both sides. On the inside the logos on the panelling provide orientation, and the outside serves as back wall for the different areas and their furniture and clothing. It is flexible enough to reduce or enlarge the space, and new rooms can be created in no time at all.

From classic grey to wild, organic structures made from bleached oak: each division is defined by the different racks and visualises the identity of the brand.

  • Date: 14. October 2013
  • Skills: Interior Design