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From vacancies to hotspots in the City

Vibrant showcases, interactive site fences, plain facades: the perfect stage for visions and messages of its operators. Property – whether retail, office and mixed – and the public space in new construction or transition phases provide countless projection surfaces. And when they are staged, not only the property unfolds its true potential; 3D designs as photo print or moving images create unique city images that attract and engage people.

Browse through our 3D+catalogue and learn more about the different 3D-products and benefits in detail. You can select from our cost-effective comprehensive themed stock or get your individual concepts tailor-made by us.

Added value for shopping malls

Three dimensionally designed shop fronts are a perfect and efficient interim solution for mall areas that are rebuilt or are pending for rent. They support the leasing process already in the development phase by bringing visions of the future stores on the visible surface. They also increase the dwelling quality and aesthetics of the interior of a shopping mall considerably. A real highlight, a real added value – the result of a formerly poor structural situation!

Bringing the shop to life even before the opening

Even from afar the pedestrians in the shopping street clearly understand: Here a shop will open, a new offer will be available. A 3D showcase upgrades the environment visually and creates joyful anticipation for an upcoming reopening. Even if there is no tenant, yet, the visualization can already awaken the imagination of potential new ones. And owners can use visualizations on free stores at the same time for self-promotion.

Unique cityscapes  establish identities

Designing large areas in public spaces through high-tech moving images creates a completely new identity of local places. They are a fascinating attraction for residents and visitors to the city. This benefits not only passers-by, but also the owners, cities and municipalities. Areas with sophisticated design concepts made by kplus konzept, integrating illusionist effects as well as playful elements – they contribute to an aesthetic and artistic enrichment of urban life.


  • Datum: 28. Juli 2016
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